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One of our values at VICTOREM is to empower others. One way we like to do this is through our training.

With over 25 years of knowledge and continuous skill development, who better to learn from that those who have walked the path before. Our team are able to support training requirements across any of our core disciplines.

Building in-house capability and increasing the maturity of your people is a key requirement for many organisations moving forward.  Ensuring that there is value within, will allow for more competitiveness and success. With our team of experts, we are able to support this educational journey.

One discipline where VICTOREM training excels is in Risk Management.

We are proud that VICTOREM are the First Licensed Providers in Australia of the globally recognised Institute of Risk Management (IRM) course Fundamentals of Risk Management (FoRM). This course covers the fundamentals of enterprise risk management in a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Using a combination of case studies, practical exercises and current affairs to bring material to life. Our trainers will bring you a wealth of industry expertise.

Follow the links below to find out more about advancing your career or increasing the maturity of your organisation.

Current Training Courses

Risk Management 

  • IRM – Fundamentals of Risk Management (FoRM) – Learn More

Environmental & Sustainability

  • Coming Soon