Projects Supporting Communities

An area that we have great interest in, is the impacts, both positive and negative, that the delivery of the works we are involved in, have to the local community.

While many projects do bring benefit to society and local communities during the project lifecycle, whether through employment, a boost in trade to local businesses such as restaurants, shops and the hospitability business such as hotels, what happens to those communities when the project is completed and everyone packs up and leaves?

One company that have continued to engage, invest and support the local community post completion of the project is INPEX. Based in Darwin, Northern Territory, INPEX have been partnering with their local community since the beginning of the Ichthys LNG project back in 2012. The project itself was a mega-project and was estimated to have costs in the region of $36 Billion. The project employed many from the local community and gave Darwin a boost to its economy with approximately 6000 workers supporting the construction phase of the project.

Now the project has been completed and the LNG plant is operational, INPEX continue their good work with the communities they are now a part of.

Follow the link below to find out the good work INPEX are doing to support communities in both the Northern territory and Western Australia.