Climate change

Innovation Technology & Climate Change

The devastating effects of the recent bushfires in Australia were not only heart breaking but further highlighted the impact we face from climate change. While the material items can be replaced the loss of human and wildlife cannot and will forever remain as a a significant event in Australian history.

Many governments around the world are starting to increase their response to climate change. The Australian government have set many targets, supported by programs, policies and tools as part of their own response.

Globally, many industries are starting to use their innovation and technology as a way to reduce the effects that lead to damaging the environment.

It is said that every 18 months computer processing speed doubles. Technology and innovation is moving faster and faster all the time, so much so its sometimes hard to keep up.

Below are links to some articles and documents that talk about the ways Innovation and technology is being used in the fight to save our planet.

Remember, we can all do our part in reducing the effects of climate change. Whether that be taking public transport or cycle on occasions instead of driving, using less plastic and ensure that you recycle your waste correctly.

Below are some tips on how support the improvement of our environment and reduce the effects of climate change.