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Systems & Safety Assurance

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Safety Change and Assurance
Safety is the centre of focus in major infrastructure, transportation, oil and gas, passenger and heavy rail industry. It is the operator, constructor, manufacturer, designer and supplier’s duty of care to ensure safety of the public prior to introducing any new or altered system in an user-interactive operational environment. Hazards associated with any change should be identified, understood, controlled and the residual risks should be communicated, consulted and accepted by the end user.

VICTOREM possess the capabilities in the growing expertise of safety change management and safety assurance to develop progressive and integrated safety argument conforming to the safety regulations and industry safety standards. Techniques such as project hazard log (PHL), goal structure notation (GSN), quantitative risk assessment (QRA), hazard and operability workshop (HAZOP), so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP) justification and the development of safety cases are within the remit of our services.

Independent Safety Review and Assessment
For projects that require an independent and separate safety judgement of whether or not adequate application of assurance has been in place, VICTOREM offers support to independent safety review or assessment by drawing upon requirements set out in specific standards (e.g. ISO, ASA or CENELEC) to assess satisfaction.

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability
Asset management is a common practice in many sectors for deploying, maintaining, operating, upgrading, and disposing equipment to optimise asset life cycles. VICTOREM possesses specialised skills in assessing reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) of a system and service performance at the network operation for programming a cost effective asset management framework. Our services in this space include failure modes effect and criticality analysis (FMEA/ FMECA), Fault Tree/ Event Tree Analysis (FTA/ ETA), RAM predictions, operational and maintenance optimisation workshops, and maintenance requirements analysis (MRA).


Systems Engineering, Requirements Management and Integrated Engineering Assurance
Large and complex projects require seamless work processes encompassing both technical and human user-interface principles to assure safe and reliable design, product development and system integration. The development of business and system requirements (BRS/SRS), their management, change control and implementation through a project life cycle is the cornerstone of successful delivery. Our services in this area include requirements management (DOORS/ComplyPro), verification and validation (RATM/ RVTM), integrated assurance governance and risk management, integrated RAM modelling and network configuration change engineering assurance.