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Risk Management

Having the ability to recognise and respond to risk can be the difference between achieving objectives, meeting goals and ultimately being successful. VICTOREM has that ability. With over 20 years of managing risk in some of the world’s largest projects and organisation, we are well equipped to support your risk management needs.

To be successful in the management of risk takes more than populating a spreadsheet and running a model. That is just the last mile of the marathon! With VICTOREM having the wealth of risk management knowledge that it does, we understand that while you need to have technical ability, you also need to have a healthy dose of both common sense and strategic awareness, as well as intimate knowledge of the businesses you operate within and support.

This coupled with excellent communication and influencing skills ensures we fully understand the risks our clients are faced with and are able to apply the most appropriate responses.

Risk Managment training

Risk Management Services

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Program & Project Risk Management
  • Commercial Risk Management
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Quantitative Risk Assessments
  • Risk Maturity Assessments
  • Risk Culture Development
  • Risk Training
  • Risk Reporting

The role of managing risk within an organisation or project doesn’t just fall on the shoulders of the individuals that have the word ‘risk’ in their job title. Everyone who has a role to play in successfully meeting the objectives are accountable too.

A risk culture starts from within. It is a product of individual and group values and of attitudes and patterns of behaviour. Through our years of experience we understand what is required to develop a risk aware culture. We also understand that where an organisation wishes to increase its risk maturity, the culture is the first place it should look to improve. VICTOREM have the tools to help you reach new levels with your culture and maturity.

VICTOREM is able to offer risk training as one of their specialist services.

As we have mentioned in our risk culture section, it is vitially important for everyone in a team, project or organisation to be risk aware. This ensures a basic level of risk knowledge is embedded and provides immediate benefit in achieving your objectives and goals.

Some roles require a more in depth knowledge of risk such as a Project Manager or Functional lead. This maybe of varying level from creating and using a risk register as a effective tool, through to the technical aspects of risk such as quantitaive risks assessments and how to understand the outputs they produce.

Let our risk experts help enhance your teams risk knowledge and allow you to develop in-house risk management capability.

Quantitative Risk Assessment

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Today more than ever, organisations and projects are using risk modelling to inform their decision making. Therefore it is crucial that any outputs from the quantitative assessments have credibility and a sense of realism. VICTOREM have spent many years, in many industries, using a variety software tools that carryout Monte Carlo simulation to predict possible outcomes.

We are able to support your requirements for quantitative cost and schedule risk assessments.