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Program & Project Delivery

VICTOREM knows Programs and Projects. Our experienced team have lived them for years. We thrive on the challenges that they bring, from tight timeframes to budget constraints, complex engineering and difficult stakeholders, environmental conditions to impossible interfaces.

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From working with important stakeholders and development of a business case to supporting the execution phase where strong project management skills are a necessity to prevent schedule slippage and increasing costs.

Understanding the risks to avoid and the opportunities to exploit is key to successful delivery of projects. VICTOREM excel in this area of project management and will work with you to ensure threats are identified and managed using the appropriate responses. We will work hand in hand with you to develop a strategy that delivers a successful outcome and ensures you meet your goals.

Our project professionals have a variety of delivery experiences. From working on small projects to major programs of work, the world over. Whether that be upgrades of feeder cables to support additional power requirements for a new fleet of rolling stock or to being part of $36 billion LNG project.

VICTOREM believe that regardless of size and complexity, all projects should be a safe place for its people. We encourage a culture of safety and awareness and ensure that our team understand the importance of complying with site rules and conditions, whether that be in an office or out on a construction site. VICTOREM believe that the only way for projects to be successful is to ensure that there is ZERO HARM in its delivery.

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