VICTOREM > Environmental & Sustainability Management

VICTOREM provides Environmental Management, Approval and Sustainability Services at the forefront of the industry. We work collaboratively with our regional and national clients, creating effective simple, practical and innovative solutions to their environment, approvals and sustainability needs and challenges.We make a point to ensure our approach will meet the requirements in its entirety including client, authority and community needs as well as ensuring there is appropriate focus on addressing the key issues.


VICTOREM understand that the Environment, Approvals and Sustainability suite of services needs to accommodate far more today than it has previously, we recognise the push and pull of contract obligations for Environmental and Sustainability outcomes and we have extensive experience in working with Federal and local approvals, plus International requirements such as the World Bank equator principles as well as industry based as organisations such as ISCA.

VICTOREM have the team, knowledge and ability to provide a full suite of Environmental Management, Approval and Sustainability Services.

VICTOREM know how the various elements and stages of a project mesh together from the overarching impact assessment to approvals, licences and contract language and tying them all together into real and achievable management plans.

We have significant experience undertaking impact assessments, managing approvals, liaising with regulators, undertaking feasibility studies, constraints mapping, developing construction strategies, writing management plans and delivering on site environmental management. We have developed a deep understanding of these elements working around Australia across numerous industry sectors on projects off all sizes, including mega projects in both advisory and directly on site engagements.

We have been at the very start of many large scale projects seeing all of the initial start up documentation through to contract signing, early works, main works, and the final contract closeout with whole of project approvals and progressive approvals. We understand the complexity of projects in regards to timing of approvals, urgency of critical path activities and the need to find pathways to reconcile the two. The environment and approvals discipline is the nexus point for many disciplines and agencies and it is invariably the most important element in getting boots on the ground. We also know how many moving parts there and making sure approvals and licences conditions and requirements are met, tracked and reported on is critical to ensure an ongoing licence to operate. VICTOREM can help with all of your environmental needs. Our environmental services are below:

  • Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting
  • Environmental Assurance including Auditing
  • Site Inspections
  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Environmental Management System Review and Development
  • Waste Management
  • Management Plan Development
  • Practical on Site Advisory Services
  • Environmental Program Monitoring and Management


Sustainability has been around for a long time but is now being more formally assessed and addressed within the industry and contractually. Our resources have been at the forefront of sustainability for nearly twenty years working with creative industries, manufacturing, legal, and financial industries to establish sustainability outcomes. More recently our people have become very experienced in the development of documentation for the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia submissions and this includes the strategy and process to ensures a quality submission and best outcome for the the client and project. Key sustainability services are as below:

  • Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia submissions
  • Independent Sustainability Professional (ISP) reviews and Sustainability Management System audits
  • Materials and Data Tracking,
  • ISCA Submission Strategies,
  • Sustainable Procurement Strategies,
  • Industry Innovation

Reviews, audits or management as a Suitably Qualified Professional in the following disciplines:

  • Energy reviews and audits
  • Heritage
  • Urban and landscape design
  • Ecology
  • Waste
  • CPTED¬†principles
  • Stakeholder Participation


Approvals can be hard, there can also be lots of them from many different sources. We know this and can help mange the approval delivery process. We have worked on many projects with many Federal and local approvals concurrently and understand how difficult this can be. VICTOREM’s specific service services are set out below:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments with experience working in most states and territories of Australia
  • Liaison with Regulatory Bodies
  • Development Approvals
  • Works Approvals
  • Compliance Management
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Licensing
  • Auditing
  • Liaison with State and Federal Agencies

Our team includes Certified Professional Soil Scientists recognised through the Australian Society for Soil Scientists, with extensive experience in erosion and sediment control planning and management around Australia.  They are also certified ISO 14001 EMS auditors with significant experience working around Australia ensuring contract compliance and that environmental best practice is being undertaken. Our team are also Infrastructure Sustainability Assessment Professionals (ISAPs) by the infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia with significant experience in delivering complex submissions to the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia.