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Data Migration & Management


Our Data Migration Service provides customers with an information technology system application to system application data and meta-data structured mapping transformation design. The design retains data integrity while applying data cleansing of operational data to business data ownership requirements for the cutover of replacement IT system Applications.

The service applies Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes over the development operations lifecycle for new system implementations. Building ETL source data queries to extract, the development of repeatable scripted algorithms for data transformation into new-system configured application data fields and database structure load files.

The Data Migration ETL process is repeated for new IT system application testing and dedicated data migration cutover trial conversions. These assure completeness and accuracy of the data for successful implementation and the operational go-live of the new application with continuity of historical business process transactional data.

Data Management Platform

An experienced data migration team or an individual will deliver the service, along with software tools and techniques to execute data migration design, development and trial conversion cutovers. The service requires the participation of customer data stewards to provide data cleansing requirements and rules and participate in data completeness and accuracy validation activities.

VICTOREM Data Migration quality targets aim for over 96% data completeness and accuracy with a manageable set of customer accepted post-go-live data correction tuning.