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Supporting Mental Health

A member of the VICTOREM team recently took part in a charity event with a purpose of raising funds and awareness for Beyond Blue, a non profit organisation supporting people with mental health issues.

VICTOREM is inspired by the work of Beyond Blue and how they help people manage mental health issues. With 3 million people in Australia suffering from mental health, having charities like Beyond Blue is crucial. They are literally life savers.

We wanted to support this great organisation so our Managing Director Colin McCrorey signed up to take part in a charity fight night at the Star casino in Sydney. The event was planned and fighters trained by the Corporate Fighter gym in Sydney. Thousands of dollars were raised on the night and Mental Health awareness was further increased.

VICTOREM would encourage everyone to take time to follow the link to the Beyond Blue website to learn more and also to check out Corporate Fighter who support many charities as part of the Corporate Fighter programs that they run in Sydney.

Going forward VICTOREM are looking to support other charities for the betterment of our fellow Australians. If you are a charity and would like some support, please feel free to contact us.

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